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*Angela Christian*
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Fan Reviews

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By Debbie
I saw Angela Christian in the role of Miss Dorothy Brown on Broadway in Thoroughly Modern Millie. As soon as she walked into the Hotel Pricilla she was this petite little thing with a large personality. You could definitely tell. As soon as she started to sing "How the Other Half Lives", her voice was a delicate soprano voice. It was so beautiful! Angela continued to amaze the audience throughout "Ah! Sweet Mystery of Life/I'm Falling In Love With Someone".  Her dancing was very graceful and she made the flip and all of the rest of the moves look like a piece of cake! The way she said "Isn't it delectable!" at the end was very sweet just like Miss Dorothy's character. Angela fit the part perfectly! After the show i had the chance of meeting this amazing star. I was the first one to recognize her and i immediately rushed up to her.  She said to me "Wow! You're a quick one aren't you! You must love Boradway!" , and i melted! I replied "Yes! it's where i want to be when i grow up!" She said "good for you! never give up on your dreams!" She was happy to sign my playbill. Overall, Angela was an amazing singer, dancer, actress, and person. I would absolutely see her again!

By Meredyth
Angela's performance as Miss Dorothy was just great. She is beyond perfect for the role and her voice is so unique. I've never heard anything like it! I loved how happy and perky she made the character. She made the part come alive for me and the rest of the audience. She received nothing but immense applause at the curtain call. A truly gifted performer.