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*Angela Christian*
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Press and Reviews

Below are reviews of Angela's performance in Thoroughly Modern Millie on Broadway. If you'd like to contribute, send your reviews to us!

"Angela Christian, an expert dancer, is fine as Miss Dorothy" -Martin Denton for review

"[Marc Kudisch's] florid love-at-first-sight duet and dance with Angela Christian's fluttery Miss Dorothy is one of the show's best bits" -Michael Sommers for Star Ledger 

"Angela Christian brings an operetta soubrette wink and vocal range to the Mary Tyler Moore role of Millie's wealthy new starlet friend." -Linda Winer for NY Newsday

"These three are blessed with extremely strong support from Angela Christian as Miss Dorothy Brown" -Thomas Burke for Talkin' Broadway

"Millie's boss who doesn't have eyes for her but is smitten by her friend Dorothy, amusingly played by Angela Christian" -Wolf Entertainment Guide 

Fan Reviews